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The event will be at

22603 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310


September 2, 2012

Art of Noize would like to thank all the clubs and people that supported our first Labor Day show. It was a great success. We would also like to give a very big thank you to Victory Lane owner Mike Kruger for his continued support of our events at his facility.

Event will be at


22603 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310

Enjoy the Onsite Bar overlooking the show. Great Food and Lots of things to do.



  • Top 20 Show Awards (Custom Mugs)

No particular order

Kevin Blaisdale Tacoma Just Plain Trick
Cody Dignam F-350 Dually Perfect Poise
Ernie Baca Lexus GS Perfect Poise
Ryan Payson Toyota truck NC
Jeremy N Toyota truck No Regrets
Josh Jennings Passat Perfect Poise
Keith Haymore Canyon NC
Big D Silverado NC
Willie Dixon XB Team Aftermath
Patrick Frahm BMW 745 Local Finesse
Ryan MF Nelson Chrysler 300 No Regrets
Michael Fetters Frontier Perfect Poise
Ryan Burson Civic Perfect Poise
Pat O'Hara Tacoma No Regrets
Brad Apicella Silverado Relaxed
Jerell Duffin XB Alpha Squad
Michael Dorpus Camaro Superstition
Jason Aldrich Tahoe 
Robert Steiner  Silverado Perfect Poise
Cj Silvey Silverado  
  • Best of Show Car

Ernie Baca Lexus GS  Perfect Poise
  • Best of Show Truck

Kevin Blaisdale Green Tacoma 
  • Best Engineered

Bernie Harper HiLux 
  • Best A/V

Black Tahoe  
  • Best Paint

Willie Dixon XB 
  • Best Under Construction

 Lowboy Motorsports Excursion  
  • AON Pick
Patrick Frahm  BMW 745 
  • Club Participation
Perfect Poise 21 cars 

    • -Outside food, drinks and alcohol will not be allowed into the show grounds.
    • -No pets allowed
    • -Please wait 30 mins after pulling into your show spot before you lay out your vehicle (trying not to burn the grass)
    • -Do not drive over flags (they indicate sprinkler heads)
    • -We will NOT be able to save spots. If you want to park with your club, you must ROLL IN with your club.

For any further questions it is best to email

Mike D. at azartofnoize@gmail.com

 We are all very grateful for all the support we get every year from the minitruckiní community and can't wait for this years show! 

If your site or print magazine is covering the show please contact us @ webmaster@artofnoize.com

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