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22603 N. 43rd Avenue

Glendale, AZ 85310

Thank you for supporting our growing 4th of July show. This year was the largest yet. Results will be posted when they arrive. I've posted up the 3 pages that I know have pictures from the event. If you covered the event or placed and have a picture of your ride at the event shoot me an emails at webmaster@artofnoize.com

Thank you to Mike at Victory Lanes for continued use of his great facility and supporting our events.

22603 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310


Top 20


Alex Avilaa  
Stephanie and Nick Crouch

Perfect Poise

Robert Steiner Lux

Perfect Poise

Mike Myers Silverado

Perfect Poise

RJ Swanson

Perfect Poise

Oriana Mehden Silver 300SRT  
Matt Thompson Yellow B2000 <Severed Ties>
Chris Simonson Tacoma Local Finesse
Brian McCauley S3 Audi  
Shelly McCormick Aqua Plymouth  
Ron G. Silver Lexus  
Pat Martin VW 13 Window  
Alex Fischer GTI  
Jeff Luvdquist White Malibu  
Damon Flippo F-350 //Relaxed Atmosphere
Isaias Gutierrez Tahoe Simple Mindz
Jamie Villa Expedition Swift
Ryan Payson Toyota (NC) Negative Camber
Brad Rein S-10  
Ramon Carrasco GTI PartScore

Onsite Bar overlooking the show. Great

Best Suspension


Alexis and Jose Gutierrez Black Armada  

Best Interior


Joe White GMC Stepside  

Best Paint

Charo Charger Swift

Club Participation




Best of Under Construction

Snow Dragon   Perfect Poise

Best of Show Car

Richie Underwood  

Best of Show Truck

Keith Wadlington Ranger Local Finesse
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