Brian's Accord Wagon
Chris's A6 Avant Wagon
Doug's Infiniti
Marc's 31 Model A Coupe
Marc's Almond Crusher
Mike Lange's Accord


bullet Color changed to bright amber
bullet shaved:
bullet doors
bullet side moldings
bullet hood squirters
bullet emblems
bullet license box
bullet rear bumper step
bullet gas door w/custom one installed
bullet 37"X65" sliding rag
bullet TRENZ upper and lower billet grills
bullet clear
bullet corners
bullet bumper lights
bullet all bulbs replaced with LEDS


bullet AEM cold air intake
bullet DC strut bar polished w/chromed mounts
bullet valve cover
bullet heat shield
bullet fan shroud
bullet abs brake lines and mount etc.
bullet countless nuts bolts and brackets
bullet easy way to say the rest is every bolt nut bracket hinge etc that touches paint is chromed
bullet rear lower DC strut bar


bullet top half of the dash and doors paint body color
bullet shaved the door locks on the top half of the doors
bullet seats are going to be wrapped in leather w/suede inserts
bullet inserts on the doors are going to be suede
bullet A B and C pillars are going to be wrapped in suede along with what is left of the headliner. there will also be misc painted parts as well.



bullet  7" cd/dvd pioneer touch screen
bullet 5 1/2" TVs in head rests
bullet 4" TVs in rear headrest
bullet Crossfire 6 1/2s in all four doors
bullet 12'' sub in a fiberglass mold painted to match body color


bullet 4 ShowTime pumps
bullet 4 dumps
bullet 4 blue top Optimas
bullet 4 accumulators
bullet 4 prestolight solenoid blocks.
bullet chrome fittings
bullet setup is completely hardlined which is polished.
bullet 8inch cylinders in front
bullet 12 inch in back
bullet 10 switches with billet alum switch extensions from a truck stop.



bullet 19" kmc Guido's with 215/35/19 Pirelli p7000 tires
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