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Marc's 31 Model A Coupe
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I tried to get this coupe to look like a WWII F4U corsair that flew in the South pacific during the early 1940s My grandfather was there as an 
antiaircraft gunner shooting down zero's and Betty bombers, I wish I could have seen that!


  • chopped 6"

  • channeled 5"

  • custom firewall

  • shaved

    • roof

    • rain gutters

    • handles

    • gas cap

    • visor

  • 28-29 grill with voodoo bamboo grill

  • head lights from ???


  • 327 chevy out of a 66' corvette

  • 350T trans

  • Scavenger exhaust pipes

  • Edelbrock 3 deuce intake

  • custom made radiator and driveline


  • 4" drop axle

  • 40' ford front brakes

  • 4 linked rear with coil overs

  • old ford truck rear end

  • corvair steering box


  • boxed original frame

  • smooth the rails

  • Z'd 18" in rear

  • real aircraft gauges n the dash
  • bamboo interior
  • OD green canvas for carpet
  • trunk and door panels made of aluminum (trunk has over 150 aircraft rivets!)
  • center console is two 50 cal. ammo boxes with real 50 cal. rounds!!!
  • Japanese flag headliner

After chop and z'd the frame with air bags on the rear

As it arrived. Ex Drag car from the local Famoso Dragway

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