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The event will be at

22603 N. 43rd Avenue
Sponsors and Vendors


 Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Another Bring the Noize is in the books. Thank you to all those that attended the show. Winners names have been posted. Pictures of the winning vehicles will be posted as they are found.  We would especially like to thank Mike Kruegar of Victory Lanes for opening up his great facility for the show. He has been a phenomenal supporter of our show and already has the July 4th show booked. Switch Suspension stepped up as Title Sponsor. Please support the sponsors listed on this page. Without their support and yours this show would not happen.

If you covered the show drop me an email at FXDGRND@Pacbell.net and I will list it at the bottom of this page. If you placed and have a picture of your ride at the email Jim and we will add it to this page.

Contact Mike D. at azartofnoize@gmail.com if you would like to purchase more show shirts.

Car Classes

Class brought to you by
Euro Car
Full Custom3 Robert Steiner Perfect Poise
2 Chris Kingston
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
AZ Dimes
1 Chris Kingston
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
AZ Dimes
Import 2 dr compact
Semi Custom3 Taco Dave Acura Freaks of Nature
2 Hadar Espinoza  
1 Shane V Extreme Lows
Full Custom 2   Civic  
1 Steve Mueller Extreme Lows
Import 4 dr compact
Semi Custom3 Tyler Cormier
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
2 Bryan Van Ordt Accord Lost Reality
1 Tyson Infiniti Hybrid
Full Custom3 Ryan Eccles Civic Swift
2 Brian Ellis Accord Seductive
1 Ernie Baca Perfect Poise
Modern Muscle
 3 Krisztina Athanasakis mustang  
2 Tina Bishop Phx Mopar
1 Mike Klenofsky Xplizit
Domestic Car3 Joshua Leyva  
2 Chris and Jennifer Trainer Redeemed
1 Lanky No Regrets
Van / Wagon (In memory of Anthony Choy)3 Frank Gyimesi Dodge Magnum Nokturnal
2 Will Rucker
Photo by Blondie
Perfect Poise
1 Moonbeam Mazda 3 Perfect Poise
Air Cooled2 Samm Metcalfe Meyers Manx  
1 Dave Melton BUG <Severed Ties>
Classic Car3 Tom Clare East Valley
2 Kelly Myers Mustang Perfect Poise
1 Mike Kruegar Plymouth Gancho motors
Custom Classic Car3 Tommy P Caddy Coupe Lowlife
2 Patrick Danwellan
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
No Regrets
1 Pin Cushion /NC\
Hot Rod3 Chuck Bond 67 nova /NC\
2 Rusty Cobra  
1 Jose Delgadillo  
Truck Classes
Minitruck Stock 3 Sonny Yee Class A
2 Manny Sandoval Colorado Ultimate Impressions
1 Robert Pelletier S10 AZ Dimes
Mild3 Dan Paz S-10 AZ Dimes
2 Javier Colorado Perfect Poise
1 Richarotchi Isuzu Pup <Severed Ties>
Wild3 Deb Bond S-10 /NC\
2 Chris Simonson
Photo by Blondie
Local Finesse
1 Bobby Thompson No Regrets
Full-size Truck
Semi3 Brett Taylor Perfect Poise
2 Derek Marlatt /NC\
1 Chris Sainz /NC\
Full3 Clyde No Regrets


2 Eric Towne <Severed Ties>
1 John Trevino Perfect Poise
Classic Truck Semi3 Roger Anderson    
2 Nate Collard  
1 Garry Weslosky  
Full 3 Adam Morgan Dodge AZ Dimes
2 Jeremy Sweet 64 c-10 /NC\
1 Anthony Lopez Excellent Detail
Lifted Truck3 Rene Jaquez Sierra Ultimate Impressions Maxx Metcalfe's Profile Photo, No automatic alt text available.
2 Juan Alden Denali  
1 Cory Gallagher Sierra No Regrets
SUV3 Joey Gonzalez
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
2 Brad Busman /NC\
1 Frank Rechlin iKandy
Under Construction3 Tyler Whitby
Photo by Blondie
IV Ever Low
2 Remy Freeman
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
Perfect Poise
1 Matthew Riddell 93 toy Freaks of Nature
Other Classes
Bicycles 3 Frank Flores     Truce Bikes
2 Shannon Jacka Metal Flake Red Pea Pod Angelz Rescue, Inc.
1 Frank Flores    
Specialty1 Jeff James RZR Connections
Best of Show Car ($250 Cash Prize) Dane Melton VW Bug <Severed Ties>
Best of Show Truck ($250 Cash Prize) Frank
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
Excellent Details
Club Participation

Perfect Poise

Best Engine Gary Weslosky  
Best Interior Brad Bosman /NC\ No photo description available.
Best Paint Frank
Photo by Jeff Popiolek
IKandy / Excellent Details
Best Patina Jeremy Sweet

Best Air Suspension      
Best Hydraulic Install Jose Gutierrez  
AoN Choice

Nathan Callard

 We are all very grateful for all the support we get every year from the minitruckiní community and can't wait for this years show! 

If your site or print magazine is covering the show please contact us @ webmaster@artofnoize.com
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