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The event will be at

22603 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310
Sponsors and Vendors

61st and Bell

Bernal Racing


Maxx Metcalfe's Profile Photo, No automatic alt text available.



BTN 2018 30 years of Noise

Bring the Noize 2018

Celebrating 30 Years of Art of Noize!

Thank you for great turnout. We will have the Results posted soon with pictures of the winners.

If you covered the show drop me an email at FXDGRND@Pacbell.net and I will list it at the bottom of this page. If you placed and have a picture of your ride at the email email Jim and we will add it to this page.


Contact Mike D. at azartofnoize@gmail.com. We will again have vending spaces available as well. But sign up early as we sold out last year.

Car Classes

Class brought to you by

Euro Car
Semi Custom3 Garrett Cobbs
Photo by
Krookid Photography
2 Daniel Wigman
Photo by
Krookid Photography
1 Christian Gibson
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Clean Culture
Full Custom3 Todd Beckly 87 VW Cabriolet  

2 Jeff Steiner Passat   Perfect Poise
1 Codey Davis
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Severed Ties
Import 2 dr compact
Semi Custom3 Evan Spongel   Honda Civic Clean Culture

2 Brad Ridpath  15 Veloster Narcissistic
1 Shane J 2011 Accord Xtreme Lowz
Full Custom3 William Baker  G35  

2 Steve Mueller
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Xtreme Lowz
1 Kyle Li
Photo by
Krookid Photography
 Team Hybrid
Import 4 dr compact
Semi Custom3 Cesar Luna  Lexus LS460 Kyoein USA
2 Bryan Van Ordt 90 Accord Lost Reality
1 Tyson Boothe  Infiniti Team Hybrid
Full Custom3 Chad Warner   G35 No Regrets

2 Adrian Gomez
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Endless Projects
1 Ernie Baca
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Perfect Poise
Modern Muscle
 3 Kristina Athanasakis Mustangs   Wild West Mustangs

2 Garrett Johnston Charger Mopar Low Lyfes
1 Mike Klenofsky Charger Narcisstic
Domestic Car3 Scottie Johnson   300 AZ Dimes
2  Rodrigo Rojas CTS Swift
1 Lanky  300 No Regrets
Van / Wagon (In memory of Anthony Choy)3 Will Arwady  Dodge Magnum Magnum Mafia
2 James Cummins Astro Van  
1 Howard Waldrep
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Air Cooled3 Edgar
Photo by
Krookid Photography
2 Sam Metcalf
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Perfect Poise
1 David Melton
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Classic Car3 John Meyers   70 Camaro Perfect Poise Image result for outlaw race engines glendale az
2 Pin Cushion Cadillac NC
1 Bob Cummins 1963 Courier Sedan 
Custom Classic Car3 Patrick Donnellan 63 Lincoln  

2 Stevo 1964 Galaxy 500 208  
1 James Chamberlin 65 Cadillac No Regrets
Hot Rod2 Andrew Hamilton  29 Ford Truck Hamilton Hot Rods

Image result for outlaw race engines glendale az

1 Chris Nakayamc 1929 Model A  
Truck Classes 
Minitruck Stock 3 Noel Garcia  S-10  AZ Dimes
2 Robert Pelletier  S-10 AZ Dimes
1 Jeremiah Norton

Photo Courtesy of Ridenlow Magazine
Illstyle Nationwide
Mild3 Tim Beghar  Tacoma  No Regrets
2 Albert Amezova Tacoma Swift
1 Ryan Barnes S-10 4 Ever Low
Wild3 Bob Thompson   Toyota No Regrets
2 Keith Wadlington Local Finesse
1 Chris Simonson Local Finesse
Full-size Truck
Semi3 Jose Velasco   F-150 Truckin Lifestyle
2 Brett Taylor chevy crew Perfect Poise
1 Big D
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Negative Camber
Full3 Chris Sainz 04 GMC Negative Camber


2 Justin Swanson
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Perfect Poise
1 Jon Trevino
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Perfect Poise
Classic Truck Semi3 Steve Tatrai Chevy Silverado  

2 Jeremy Sweet C-10 Negative Camber
1 Nate Collard 69 C-10 Orange  
Full 3 Kyle Neumillew  C-10  

61st and Bell

2 Sid Walker Chevy Truck  
1 Bradley McFarlin  GMC C-10  
Lifted Truck3 Willie Clark  Chevy 1500 Swift

2 Adam Villa  Denali 2500 Ultimate Impressions
1 Ryan/Monique Johnston Silverado 4 Ever Low  
SUV3 Jason Campbell Suburban  
2 Jose Gutierrez Armada 
1 Brad Bossman
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Negative Camber
Under Construction3 Thomas Soto   Hilux No Regrets
2 Jeff Beckley Toyota FFF
1 James Campbell  Suburban Campbell Family
Other Classes 
Bicycles 3 Brian Wells    Savage BC

2 Daniel Martinez   Savage BC
1 Brian Wells   Savage BC
UTV 2 Kasey Cook Can Am x3   Bernal Racing
1 Deon Dejavue  RZR  
Specialty3 Clint Hindelaney  Box Van Down to Earth
2 Jose Delgadilla Silverado Negative Camber
1 John Martinez Harley Road Glide Aftermath
Best of Show Car ($250 Cash Prize) James Chamberlin  NR Cadillac No Regrets
Best of Show Truck ($250 Cash Prize) Bradley McFarlin
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Perfect Poise
Club Participation  

Perfect Poise

Best Engine Keith Wadlington   Ranger Local Finesse
Best Interior Brad Bosman

Negative Camber
Best Audio Video   Blue GMC with red flames   Maxx Metcalfe's Profile Photo, No automatic alt text available.
Best Paint   Orange Chevy Truck  
Best Patina  
Photo by
Krookid Photography
Best Air Suspension   Honda Accord Extreme Lowz
Best Hydraulic Install  

Photo by
Krookid Photography

AoN Choice (90's Style) Corn Dog
Photo by
Krookid Photography
No Regrets


Coverage by if your magazine or site is covering the show email me at webmaster@artofnoize.com and I will add it below.
Print Media Online Coverage
  Krookid Photography  

 We are all very grateful for all the support we get every year from the minitruckiní community and can't wait for this years show! 

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