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Thank you to Act One, Relaxed Atmosphere, Flojos, Foothill Minis, Unfadeable Styles, Toyz R Us, Heaven C.C., Low N' Behold, Hypnotic Kreations, Touch of Class, No Limit, Elegance, Visual Sinz, Outstanding, Street Tricks, Senseless Behavior, Down to Earth, Xtreme Lowz, Bratt's Nutty Customs, Bad Habits, Kontradictions, Below Sea Level, Forbidden Fantasy, Seductive, Negative Camber, GT Customs, IV Ever Low, Severed Ties, Neighborhood Dreams, Connected C.C., Lassius Kustoms and to all those independents who attended Art of Noize first car show.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We had 134 cars show. If you would like to give us feedback on the show please feel free to use our guestbook to express your feelings on it. If you feel there was a problem please leave your name and email address so we can address it for you.

We would like to thank the LAPD Foothill Division for their support and help dealing with the park ranger. A very special thanks to GT Customs for bringing an SPL meter. The SPL sponsor neglected to show up.
  And of course thank you to the man the myth the legend Roulette from MadHouse FX for doing what he does best (what ever that is...) oh I got it playing tunes and keeping reality moving.
From the response we have received and all the good feedback we will more then likely have a show next year. Stay tuned for evolving details. 
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BB'S Java & Tropical Shaved Ice
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VIP Auto Upholstery
(818) 705-8911
IF Customs
(818) 837-3000
Shorty Antennas
(559) 897-1063
Tunes and Entertainment by:
Thanks to  Critical Wear
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 For Getting our Shirts done in time for the show
MadHouse FX
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Online Coverage

Act One


Vehicle pictures used on this page are from one of the five sites listed above. Please visit them for complete coverage
All Classes are First Second and Third Place.

2 dr compact Stock  Mild
3-  Richard Eckert1998 Silver Honda CivicForbidden Fantasy3-  Darryl Taylor  
2-Pete Tsiamis Connected Car Club2-Shunyaa Turner Unfadeable Styles
1-Ami Ritter
Act One
Forbidden Fantasy1-Daylee Johnson
Below Sea Level
3-  Jason Spencer Unfadeable Styles
Josh Bateman
Heaven C.C.
1-J. Rivera
Unfadeable Styles
4 dr compact Stock  Mild
3-  Carlos Perez
-1-Steven Bullard
Unfadeable Styles
2-Brian Tiner Low-n-Behold
1-Rene Torres
GT Customs
3-  Q-Ball
Heaven C.C.
2-Robert Sarzo  jr
Heaven C.C.
1-Imani Shakur
Unfadeable Styles
Open Bed MiniStock  Mild
3-  Sean Bartlett
Senseless Behavior3-  Raul Saldivar
2-Adam Sinner
Forbidden Fantasy2-Chris Cooper
1-Jason  McKniskeit
GT Customs1-Paul Moffat
Iv Ever Low
3-  Steve Platt
Xtreme Lowz
2-Mike Finnegan
Severed Ties
1-Darrel Logan
Severed Ties
Closed Bed MiniSpecialty 
2-Roberto Reyes
Act One
Toys R Us2-Greg Ballard
Forbidden Fantasy
Seductive1-Craig Elder
Relaxed Atmosphere
3-  Travis Buffington


This class was added the day of the show.

2-Frank Jaremillo
Toyz R Us2-Steve Huerta
1-Craig Elder
Relaxed Atmosphere1-Erich "Big E"
 Fullsize TruckStock  This class was added the day of the show.
3-  R.J. Silva Visual Sinz
2-Nick Chetter IV Ever Low
1-Stephen S Cruz Sr. Kontradictions
Mild - Trophy's Sponsored by IF CustomsWild- Trophy's Sponsored by IF Customs
3-  Luis San Juan
Kontradictions3-  Lewis Martin
Down to Earth
2-Robb Gilbert
Seductive2-Robert Alas
1-Steve Buccaro
-1-Danny Cardona
Severed Ties
Fullsize CarSUV
3-Chris Igrahim
Forbidden Fantasy3-Ivan Gutierrez  
2-Lil Rob
Toyz R Us2-Oscar Gonzales Heaven C.C.
1-Greg "Reggie" "Fatboy" Springer
Negative Camber1-Anette Donado
Bratt's Nutty Customz
Lowrider TruckVan
3-Daniel Flojos2-Esmarelda Alverez'98 Maroon Astro VanForbidden Fantasy
2-Jamie Reyes
Toyz R Us1-Brian Collier
Hypnotic Creations
1-Joe V
Outstanding1-Lowrider CarJerry T. ButlerHeaven C.C.
Lowrider Bike1-Teresa
Neighborhood Dreams
SPL- The stereo shop that was sponsoring the event was a no show. Thank you to GT Customs for bringing a meter.
2-143.8Jorge HernandezTouch of Class
1-151.3Tim Wepprecht-
2-143.3Amanda MaciasTouch of Class
1-147.7Brian C. TheelanLow N' Behold
1001- +
2-142.8RyanLow N' Behold
1-152.0 Jason Murnigkeit-
Expert1001-  +
2-148.9Jason TunisLow N' Behold
1-154.7Richard CallahanGT Customs

Special Trophies

Under Construction-
Built by
Fry Fabrication
(480) 232-5206
Lowest Truck -
Sponsored by

IF Customs

(818) 837-3000
Lewis MartinDown to  Earth
Best Engine-
Sponsored and Selected by
The Polishing Shop
(805) 376-1112
Imani ShakurUnfadeable Styles
Best Interior
Sponsored and Selected by
VIP Auto Upholstery
(818) 705-8911
Danny GloverSevered Ties
Best Single Color Paint
Sponsored and Selected by
JNS Customs
805) 530-1173
Darrel LoganSevered Ties
Best Multi  Color Paint
Sponsored and Selected by
JNS Customs
805) 530-1173
Mike FinneganSevered Ties
Best of Show Car
Sponsored by Voodoo Kustomz
Imani ShakurUnfadeable Styles
Best of Show Truck
Sponsored by
IF Customs
(818) 837-3000
Craig ElderRelaxed Atmosphere
Long DistanceParticipantDaylee Johnson "Below Sea Level" out of  Oregon
Spectator (Added day of show)Christoph Magney + Jeannie Jost Belgium
Club ParticipationKontradictions
Best Use of Vinyl GraphicsAnette DonadoBratt's Nutty Customz
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Art of Noize C.C.
P.O. Box 7802
Northridge, Ca. 91327-7802

Show Sponsors:

IF CustomsJNS CustomsTeraDream 
K' Ahuna GripsVoodoo KustomThe Polishing Shop
VIP Auto Upholstery- (818) 705-8911Fry Fabrication (480) 232-5206
Taking tubework to a new level
Rollcages, Custom Crossmembers, Strut Braces, Mounts/racks
Hand Fabricated Tubework to meet your expectations

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